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The New Field of Relational Spirituality

An interesting group of studies just came out that probably won’t surprise many religious people. As published on the American Psychological Association’s website, religion or spirituality is a good thing for relationships and healthy kids. Notably, partners who pray for each other hold a greater sense of commitment, and kids who go to religious services […]

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What Marijuana Does To Your Social Skills

Legal recreational marijuana is a hot topic right now. In 2012, Washington State and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana. And now the dominoes are falling with Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC following suit last week. Even though the UN just said that legalization isn’t doesn’t align with international law, we Americans are going to ignore that complaint. […]

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Why You Should Compare Yourself To Others

The case for not comparing yourself to others has been taken too far. It’s common sense now, reiterated over and over again, that to be a healthy individual, we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. One quick search and I came across the following articles from major blogs: Via Mind Body Green – it’s not good because we don’t […]

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Why Do We Hate Being Judged By Others?

We all like to believe that we’re not judgmental people. When someone tells you you’re a judgmental person or acting judgmental, it hurts. It’s a value to not judge others. We’ve all heard quotes like “don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes” and Plato’s famous quote about “being kind because everyone is fighting […]

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