Make Small Moves To End A Fight Between Friends

I’ve got two friends who seem to never be able to end this perennial tension between them. However, they’re similar guys and they’re good friends. Somehow their personalities just seem to rub each other the wrong way and frequently flareups occur. I see it as a third party observer, and it’s easy to tell when tensions are building because the communication will decrease and passive aggressive behavior will increase. Then a trigger event will occur, followed by a fight, then a few ...Read More

Why It’s Normal To Change Friends Over Time

Thinking about toxic relationships, got me thinking about one of the hardest toxic relationships to deal with – friendship. Relationships between friends can turn toxic for many reasons. From my own experience, most frequently it occurs when one or both of the friends changes internally. Somebody no longer wants to do something, or act a certain way. Or they choose to deliberately do something else. Somehow, somebody rocks the boat of the friendship. Prior to this, the relationship was steady ...Read More

Would You Rather Lose a Pinky Finger Or Your Cell Phone?

I just learned a new word today. Nomophobia. It means No-Mobile-Phone-Phobia. In a survey: Some 54 per cent of those questioned said they experienced ‘nomophobia’ – the fear of losing signal, running out of battery or losing sight of their phone. According to an author: An increasing number of college students now shower with their cell phone. The average adolescent would rather lose a pinky-finger than a cell phone. Those are damning findings. Other nomophobia findings in the US include ...Read More

What Is A Toxic Relationship?

Anyone who’s had friends, colleagues, partners, or who has just known many people has probably been exposed to a toxic relationship. There’s no requirement that a toxic relationship must be with a significant other. You can have a toxic relationship with someone very close to you like a parent or sibling. Toxic relationships are difficult. They are hard because you do get some sort of value out of the relationship – either by choice or by duty (if it’s ...Read More

Audiobook: How to Prevent and Manage Sibling Rivalry Among Brothers

Our latest audiobook is available for download now on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. How to Prevent and Manage Sibling Rivalry Among Brothers Audiobook Description: Are you a parent with boys? Are you a brother? It’s one of the oldest and most difficult relationship issues since Cain and Abel in the Bible. Why can’t brothers just get along? When brothers are united they are a force to be reckoned with. Brothers united can achieve great things together. But with that ...Read More

Ebook: 9 Ways to Beat Social Anxiety and Shyness: How to Overcome The Fear So You Can Build Meaningful Relationships

We’ve got a new ebook out for Amazon Kindle. 9 Ways to Beat Social Anxiety and Shyness: How to Overcome The Fear So You Can Build Meaningful Relationships   Book Description: Social situations can induce fear, worry, stress, or anxiety We’ve all been in situations where we don’t want to socialize. However, for some of us, we don’t want to speak with people because it overwhelms us and causes us discomfort. Be it a boss, a person we’re attracted ...Read More

Millennials and Marriage

People love to analyze the millennial generation. We’re selfish, we’re difficult, we cannot commit, and we’ve got hosts of other problems. A new study apparently reveals our unorthodox opinions of marriage too. Via Time Magazine: Almost half of millennials (43%, and higher among the youngest subset) said they would support a marriage model that involved a two-year trial Thirty-three percent said they’d be open to trying what researchers dubbed the “real estate” approach — marriage licenses granted on a five-, seven-, 10- or ...Read More

Audiobook: Phenomenal Listener now available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes

Our third audiobook, is now live! The audiobook is Be a Phenomenal Listener: Master the Key to All Effective Communication – Listening. You can find it on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Here are 10 FREE DOWNLOAD CODES so you can get this book for FREE! (Please note, once a code has been used, it will no longer be active so this is first come first serve!) LF8KSG734WZNM CP34RCQQH5REG S37FL3DLLAXT6 DGRKYR25USU8G WFA2MN9L78LKH X35RBJMKE54Y3 RHTA7QMH4BL5Y 9WRUNNW4EYSL4 CF5Y6JLA5MX6P 7LP7HJ2KAQGKH Here’s how to ...Read More

Six Different Types of Listening

6 Common Types of Listening You Should Know   Discriminative listening The most basic kind of listening is discriminative. This listening is directed more towards the source of the sounds, the type of sounds produced, and differentiating these sounds. When a child begins to make a distinction between the voice of his mother and father, and reacts differently to them, he or she is using discriminative listening. Discriminative listening enables us not only to be able to tell the gender of ...Read More