Why It’s Normal To Change Friends Over Time

Thinking about toxic relationships, got me thinking about one of the hardest toxic relationships to deal with – friendship. Relationships between friends can turn toxic for many reasons. From my own experience, most frequently it occurs when one or both of the friends changes ...Read More

What Is A Toxic Relationship?

Anyone who’s had friends, colleagues, partners, or who has just known many people has probably been exposed to a toxic relationship. There’s no requirement that a toxic relationship must be with a significant other. You can have a toxic relationship with someone very close ...Read More

Millennials and Marriage

People love to analyze the millennial generation. We’re selfish, we’re difficult, we cannot commit, and we’ve got hosts of other problems. A new study apparently reveals our unorthodox opinions of marriage too. Via Time Magazine: Almost half of millennials (43%, and higher among the youngest subset) said ...Read More

Six Different Types of Listening

6 Common Types of Listening You Should Know   Discriminative listening The most basic kind of listening is discriminative. This listening is directed more towards the source of the sounds, the type of sounds produced, and differentiating these sounds. When a child begins to make a ...Read More

Why You Should Love Criticism

In college, I enrolled in a playwriting workshop for my creative writing requirement. The teacher was a professional playwright, who had written several plays and had achieved moderate success in the local theatre community. He was a tough critic, and he held the dozen rookie playwright ...Read More